Healing Sessions



I am a Mexican “Curandera” healer, a “Yerbera” herbalist and “Oracionista” working through the power of prayer and candle work.

The Spiritual cleansing, or “Limpia” with an egg is done with an auric fan reading, herbal bath and extraction if needed. I balance the chakras (vital energy center that reside in our bodies) with Reiki and crystals. Through the use of these techniques, I am transferring “universal energy” allowing for self-healing and a state of equilibrium. This holistic therapy works on the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual levels.

The egg is believed to be the purest form of energy, as it is an embryo. Rolling it on the body with prayer is believed to release all that is not needed in your energy field. The egg is essentially a psychic vacuum that is picking up, and releasing unwanted energy.

My work is an extension of my heart, I feel very blessed to be able to be an instrument of the light, every soul that I encounter is a gift. Opening doors for people to heal, restoring integrity and faith in themselves.

The real ornament of a woman is her character, her purity. I am forever grateful for the inspiration and spiritual teachings, my country has given me. I have felt the silence of the desert, the expansion of the sky, the sweetness of the agave flower. I am humbled by the perfection of the human soul, the light within us all. My quest for freedom has started here, my transformation was activated and merged in absolute unity on this sacred land. Curanderismo is a holistic approach to wellness that has been used in the Americas, pre- and post-contact, for hundreds of years. In Mexico, it is also known as Mexican Traditional Medicine, “medicina del campo,” It is is usually a synthesis of Mexican pan-indigenous, culture and beliefs, and depending on the practitioner’s religious, cultural background. In some instances, curanderas may be referred to as “mujer de conocimiento” (woman of knowledge), or if trained in traditional Native ways and serving their native community, “mujer de medicina” (medicine woman). Each curandera has a distinctive practice that is most often learned within the context of her family, community, or tribe. Curanderas are woman who have knowledge of herbs and cultural remedies, and who may also have other gifts and abilities such as clairvoyance.

Curanderismo practitioners believe that disease is caused by social, psychological, physical, environmental, and spiritual factors; a disharmony of body, mind, and spirit. While Curanderismo is practiced throughout Mexico, Central and South America, My healing practice is rooted in the Mayan healing lineages of Mexico. Curanderismo is a luminous weaving of healing wisdom from Mexico’s indigenous traditions, embodying sacred remedies for the soul. I am humbled by this profound healing practice, it’s subtleties giving eyes to fly with, forms of beauty and expansion to the heart.

Take this sweet dew from the earth,

Take the honey.

I will help you on your way.

I will give you strength on your path.

Mayan Poem

Photographs by Asya Photography