A sacred altar is prepared to welcome the sun on the Spring Equinox, Xochipili prince of flowers is invoked. A celebration of music, flowers and light. Mother Earth is awaken, singing her sweet nectar to us all, the plant kingdom is rejoicing. A beautiful celebration of rebirth is manifesting today as we welcome the Spring.

Wishing all of you a beautiful Spring Equinox… Embracing rebirth and innocence…Tonight we welcome in the light of new beginnings.
The cosmic scale is balanced in perfect equilibrium: equal day, equal night. Leaving the winter days behind, we welcome and celebrate the life force of spring. New life is hatching, stems and shoots push through the fertile soil, buds exploding into the early sun rays, bathing in the warmth. A new day of promise and renewal, manifesting fertility and joyful energy of rebirth.

I woke up this morning to a magnificent sun rise. My intention today is to surrender to Great Spirit, giving in willingly without fear or remorse. The first step to healing is surrendering to what is higher than you, with an open heart. The Spring Equinox is a time for balance, representing fertility and creation. This is a time to review and clear every aspect of our life. Renewing our relationships with honor and perspective. This time marks  a spiritual time found in ancient sacred sites and teachings throughout the world. Its deeper spiritual significance reveals the mysteries of resurrection. Throughout the world, the spring equinox is a time of great confrontation between the forces of darkness and light. It symbolizes what an initiate goes through in an important stage of self-realization, where the struggle between darkness and light creates freedom. I prepare my self to go to Chichen Itza for the descending snake of light. The main pyramid known as El Castillo was built in a precise location calculating the suns position, so each year during the spring equinox an enormous snake of light slithers down the stairs at the peak of the equinox. Every year I come to witness this ceremony planting seeds and intentions for a new year. As I celebrate the Earth and her abundance, by thanking the Sun and the light that helps us grow into fruition.

“Delight, for Life Giver adorns us. All the flower bracelets, your flowers, are dancing. Our songs are strewn in this jewel house, this golden house. The flower tree grows and shakes, already it scatters. The quetzal breathes honey, the golden flamingo breathes honey.
You have transformed into a flower tree, you have emerged, you bend and scatter. You have appeared before God’s face as multicolored flowers.
Live here on Earth, blossom! As you move and shake, flowers fall. My flowers are eternal, my songs are forever: I raise them: I, a singer. I scatter them, I spill them, the flowers become gold: they are carried inside the golden place.
Flowers of raven, flowers you scatter, you let them fall in the house of flowers.
Ah, yes: I am happy, I, prince Nezahualcoyotl, gathering jewels, wide plumes of quetzal, I contemplate the faces of jades: they are the princes! I gaze into the faces of eagles and jaguars, and behold the faces of jades and jewels!
We will pass away. I, Nezahualcoyotl, say, enjoy! Do we really live on earth?
Not forever on earth, only a brief time here! Even jades fracture; even gold ruptures, even quetzal plumes tear: Not forever on earth: only a brief time here”
Nahuatl song