Spending the day in this serene and tranquil paradise, Laguna Nopalitos is a fresh water lagoon 30 minutes from Tulum, unfortunately closed to the public. Bathing in these healing waters, observing its transparency made me think of how I want my life to be as clear and transparent as these waters. Everything in this setting is impeccable, every organisim is respectfully in balance. Respecting each others space, co exciting in harmony, a true teacher for us humans. I was in awe of the pristine silence and presence of Spirit. When I started photographing sacred places, I could hear the mystery each place held. My photography is about exploring the spirit of nature, its nurturing connection that opens spiritual landscape enriching the soul. I try to visually reveal a sense of sacred space in hopes of sharing with the viewer why this landscape must be preserved for spiritual enrichment for generations to come.
“I hope I will be quite enough to hear what the subject is saying”
My intent is not to document the destruction of this lagoon, but to explore the emotional and visual impact this brings, as what is lost cannot be reclaimed. In losing this original state of nature I believe we lose a part of ourselves. I want to experience and know for myself this land, with its history and its secrets, that we are losing forever to development. Are ‘Earth’ and ‘Self’ separate identities? Or do they emanate from the same source? I photograph to learn how I feel in response to Nature. I offer my images as visual poems and prayers as I explore my spiritual journey. As I slow down and become aware of what is present, this act of mindfulness, allows me to honor the Divine, the spirits and souls that inhabit all things living.
“Be still with yourself
Until the object of your attention
Affirms your presence”
Sacredness can exist with our connection to the land, feeling how nature speaks to us, what is evoked or awakened. These places are powerful and profound, where one can be close to creation, and held by the eternal. These landscapes existed long before mankind, we must restore and protect them from development.

“When we open ourselves to the silence, there is only the listening. Love lives in the silence.” RILKE

©Chloe Garcia Ponce – All Rights Reserved