Mystical Tulum, my second home. I have been coming to this enchanting place for the past 20 years. My father’s family lives in Merida in the Yucatan peninsula, and most of my cherished friends live in this sacred land. My spiritual practice is nourished in this part of Mexico. I divide my time between Brooklyn and Tulum, when I am not traveling to Asia and Europe. I come here to connect with my Mayan ancestors, ritual of the land and water are part of my everyday communion. Connecting to the Mother Earth in such an intimate setting is truly a blessing. Waking up at sunrise to meditate, giving thanks for eveything that I have received in this lifetime. The sound of birds singing in the palm trees sweet melodies of paradise, as pelicans navigate the clouds. A serenade of butterflies and hummingbirds silently caress each flower. I have found my garden of eden in this part of the world, I have travelled to many places in my lifetime, but my heart belongs to this majestic place. My spiritual home is Tulum, calling me in my dreams wherever I may be, reminding me of my true and impeccable nature. Connecting me to the mysteries of the stars, bathing in the moonlight, healing in the temazcal. My body, mind and soul is rejuvenated by these waters, her cenotes, feeding my spirit. I am free, naked, vulnerable and innocent in this land. My creative nature flourishes as I manifest beauty with an open heart full of love and gratitude. She is a great teacher, there was a time when coming down here meant no electricity, living by candle light. Respecting the rhythms of nature, you could hear orchestras of frogs in the evening, giant crabs would cross the jungle to come bathe under the moonlight, and turtles would lay their eggs. I have seen Tulum grow, once a sleepy and desolate paradise, now a trendy and hip destination. I hope that all these people will nurture and respect this beautiful place, as she is fragile, killing her mangroves to build new condos was not my vision for this place. As I witness the modernization of my country, how they rape and pillage the land, I pray that they will be more conscious with Tulum. A bitter sweet reality sets in, my beloved Tulum, will you resist all these changes? I know you are strong, every hurricane cleans out the unwanted. Those who harm her, and mistreat her are naturally evacuated. I have faith that the children being born and raised in Tulum, will be the voice of reason, teaching us to live in harmony with each other, respecting all our relations. Allowing this place to flourish and nourish our souls. As much as we take from her, we must give back, teaching us about community and respect for our land. I am grateful for the lessons I have learned from this place, my friendships and personal growth. May Tulum continue to inspire every alchemist, dreamer, healer, lover, poet and cosmic gypsy on this earth. This special place will live inside of me forever, blessing my life and work.