A Woven Journey…
A decade into tread.
“The textile art work of Marcela Diaz is woven, almost entirely, from tradition : The memory of use of sisal takes a new route in the construction of space; the wrap plane unfolds its form, becoming a sculpture, an installation. The history of material told today, with the problems that affect the present, a contemporary dialogue with a textural memory; a grammar that revisits the topics, the after tastes, the conflicts the author finds; a history of secrets and a life story…yes, the recount life without recounting it, to narrate the moments that reflect one’s own desire and, in the sum of images, to discover oneself seen as another story.
The artist makes references, returns emotionally to the events that demand to be seen : her own crib, childhood danger, violence against women, denizens of oblivion, garments of artifice; and from there, she designs the spaces to be covered, discovered from the moment in time of the observer, who looks, who weaves and unweaves ( in one’s interior and the exterior ) the interpretative plot of the art work.
The art work of Diaz represents a contemporary proposal of the textile art of Yucatan in which are joined the precision and the dominance of hand weaving, the projected spatial handling and the reflexive vision of the artist, who symbolically narrates the problems of her environment.” Humberto Chavez Mayol
Marcel Diaz, originally from Merida Yucatan, began her career in 2005 as a sculptor. Since then, she has showcased her artwork in over 40 collective and 10 individual exhibitions in multiple countries throughout North America, Latin America and Europe. She is mostly known for her work as a textile sculptor using natural fibers including cotton, coconut and henequen.

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