We welcome this powerful Vernal Equinox New Moon and Solar Eclipse in Pisces. A highly charged and empowering time, allowing us to manifest new beginnings with a compassionate heart. Every loss, however painful, has brought liberation. An emotional storm has hit our lives transforming our core, revising karmic ties. A time to overcome obstacles, unleashing our free will. A time of exploration and divine inspiration, is taking action, activating our reality, manifesting our dreams into fruition. These powerful breakthroughs are very healing and necessary, they allow us to move forward, breaking down the Ego’s fear, which limits us to be calm and clear. By surrendering, we release all the drama that holds us back from being present in our happiness. A time of clarity and resolution, be fully present in the Now, karmic healing and soul growth is being activated. The Ego sabotages and distracts us from our true nature. We need to recognize that our enlighten state, will elevate us to a higher frequency, as we evolve in our process of releasing and expanding into divine light.
Ceremony and ritual help us ground our intentions with gratitude, cultivating inner stillness, as we hear the Heart of the universe pulsate with infinite joy. Embracing this death and rebirth cycle, we remove all stagnation, correcting self destructive thinking and actions. Today we plant the seeds of renewal with compassion and humility. As we walk in light, recovering our essence. A psychic antenna is being activated, our intuition at this time is highly charged. Pay close attention the messages and dreams that are being presented to us now. We are being blessed by angels, the veils of cosmic connections are very fine, allowing us to move forward in our destiny. The spring equinox marks a time of renewal and rebirth, as we use this energy to set our intentions to awake.

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