The full moon in Pisces is coming into alignment with the Sun and Earth, shifting consciousness, opening the doors of our souls, allowing us to recognize the changes that are needed to be fully present in our divine Self. Spiritual energy is around us in abundance, flowing into our lives like a channel of water. Pay attention to your dreams, as the veils are opened at this moment to magnetize and materialize your hearts desire. Use this time to amplifying your connection with your spiritual path. The energy of this powerful moon will bring awareness to the shadow Self that has been hidden from our ego. A time for purification, shedding old habits and patterns that weigh you down. Imagine your body as a vessel for light, nourish, protect and guide this energy into healthy boundaries. A time for revelations, connecting us with the Universal Truth. The Mayans used the onion to represent the layers that are peeled away to reveal the spiritual essence of a healed human being. As we grow and change in different directions in our life, the intent to recognize the patterns developed in our childhood and the courage and willingness to embrace the work required to strip away the layers needed to reach our authentic freedom. This opening in life allows us to become a warrior, heightening our inner knowing and truth. We learn that the layers of the onion we peel away embrace the sorrows, grief, anger, and resentment stunting our growth. The initiation of releasing gives us the power of choice and will. The connection with our faith, gives us the ability to move through the doors of happiness and resolution. Succumbing to the influences of the shadow can infuse us with hopelessness, helplessness, and despair. By noticing the shadow thoughts appear, containing self-defeating, destructive patterns, dampening the souls spirit, and consciously changing them, will altar the shadow’s control. Letting go of our fear, we come to a place of understanding where the dark and light are seen as separate forces. The goal is to become impeccably aware of all our thoughts, feelings and actions so that we can achieve harmony and oneness with everything we experience. Evoke hopefulness and relief, in your practice. Ignite your relationship with the Earth’s wisdom.
This super full moon in Pisces brings up our deepest subconscious beliefs about who we are, and how we relate to the world. Pisces reminds us that we are all responsible for the health and well being of this planet. If we are not walking our talk, or living our lives in integrity, this full moon will definitely illuminate the discrepancy. When we are hurting others, or abusing the environment, we are actually hurting ourselves on the deepest level. Pisces is ruled by Neptune, the god of water, making this full moon the most emotional of the year. Be gentle with yourself as you allow the profound healing to take place.

Mantra “Ra Ma Da Sa Sa Se So Hung”
Ra is the Sun
Ma is the Moon
Da is the Earth
Sa is Infinity
Se is the experience of totality
So Hung is the universal “I AM YOU”

We are a lotus of remembrance , we carry the seed within, pulsating with a song of reunion. This harmonious passage which we flow in grace and beauty, nourishes us as we remember who we truly are. As we stir our earth form, the cosmic seed expands, and empowers our voice to sing our primal song. We are the divine’s sacred fruit. Part of the process is activating these sacred seeds inside of us, finding balance as we shift perceptions, building confidence to stand in the fullness of our light. Take this time to plant your beautiful garden with nourished seeds, unfolding your purpose as a rainbow warrior. Bathe in the waters of remembrance, be present in your essence.
Blessing on this full Moon!!