“In ancient times, when travelers came to a river, they drank and gave thanks to the life-giving energy of the waters that sustained them. The flowing water evoked a sense of wonder at the inherent magic of the world and reminded each of them of their connection to the Divine. They knew that they owed their existence to the natural forces around them, and that they were but a thread in the mysterious web of life.” Rosita Arvigo
Remembering our spiritual connection to water, the pure element that enables life, sustains our planet and bodies, replenishes all our systems, I thank her and honor her everyday. Hindus revere water as liquid energy, Shinto believe that water has memory, remembering the sun and moon’s energy. Through the mountains, water is collecting pure consciousness, it has been believed through time that the energy of water can transform human energy. This noble element, is a conduit for intuition. Prayer can affect the energy of water, absorbing the vibration of words as well as healing thoughts and intentions. Native American healers chant over water, enhancing its healing properties, Mayan shamans place their hands and pray nine times to enrich and consecrate the water used in ceremony. I respect the source of such beauty, allowing us to touch our souls, healing, cleansing, and nurturing. Water is free and precious, we need to preserve and protect it, as she has done so for us, unconditionally.
“Waters, you are the ones who bring us the life force.
Help us to find nourishment so that we may look upon great joy.
Let us share in the most delicious sap that you have, as if you were loving mothers.
Let us go straight to the house of the one for whom your waters give us life and give us birth.
For our well-being let the goddesses be an aid to us, the waters be for us to drink. Let them cause well-being and health to flow over us.
Mistresses of all the things that are chosen, rulers over all peoples,
the waters are the ones I beg for a cure.
Soma has told me that within the waters are all cures and Agni who is salutary to all.
Waters, yield your cure as an armor for my body, so that I may see the sun for a long time.
Waters, carry far away all of this that has gone bad in me, either what I have done in malicious deceit or whatever lie I have sworn to.
I have sought the waters today; we have joined with their sap.
O Agni full of moisture, come and flood me with splendor.”
Hindu Prayer