The Centre Pompidou is devoting an important exhibition to Geneviève Asse, “painter of light and space”, now known as “bleu Asse”. Born in 1923, in Brittany, Asse belonged to the generation of artists emerging from World War II, part of the Abstract Expressionists movement in France. In 2012 Asse, at her own initiative donated eleven of her paintings to the Centre Pompidou. Her body of work traces her personal path through the history of Abstraction. In her quest for flatness, space, emptiness and infinity, blue the color of the sea and sky, dominated her work. Her intimate laboratory of pictorial opus, is revealed, from the first still lives (1940) to the abstractions of the 1990s. Asse’s sketch books painted from 1970 onwards, together with a number of small-scale paintings, are presented for the first time in this wonderful exhibit.
“Behind the horizon, the dawn, shaded grey, transparent blue-black ultramarines, whites that disappear into the grain of the canvas, nothing from the exterior except for time” (Working Notes, 1974).
Roland Penrose wrote of Asse’s work: “Blue is the color of silence, of dreams and of endless space.”