“Color, as you move, occupies space and we enter. There is no longer the frame that bounded space. Removing it, the color takes on the space and invades the space. And when this thing succeeds, it is miraculous.” (Ettore Spalletti, 2006)

The Exhibition at GAM is intended to recreate the rarefied atmosphere and the feeling you get in Spalleti’s studio, a place to host and welcome people where you can find calm and inner peace. An intimate and personal place holding the essence of all his work : “I always feel enthusiastic when I am in my studio, I wander around the colors, or I try to capture the lights changing throughout the day from late morning to the evening”
This exhibit is made of light, color and form. Spalletti’s works are protected by a thin layer of color powder. His pieces have a perfect geometry containing the history of architecture, his use of color conveys a poetic and subtle atmosphere. Blue is the color of the sky, pink the skins complexion, grey a tranquil and calming color, and white is pure and light. Spalletti’s work is a visual delight, delicate, sensuous and tactile surfaces, his colors and forms are intriguing. The central element, is light, its subtle yet continuous variations impact the works and the rooms, fusing the museum with its context. The musical alternation of materials such as onyx, paper and pure pigment, create a journey of aesthetic delight, exploring the purity, chromatic and perceptual “solids” capable of opening up the horizons.
“Ettore Spalletti was a seminal figure in Italian Minimalism and the Arte Povera movement, exploring geometry, precision, and the spiritual power of simple materials in his practice. In his extremely simple, painted columnar forms and monochromatic paintings, Spalletti simultaneously suggests classical structures and explores the formal qualities of paint. Favoring the impasto technique of traditional Italian painting for its depth of color and potential to yield extremely reflective surface textures, Spalletti applies paint to marble and other raw materials to create luminous and sublime three-dimensional paintings”.