An Afternoon with Isa Brito

I had the pleasure of spending the afternoon with my inspiring friend Isa Brito, in her Brooklyn home. I met Isa when we were both apprenticing with Robin Rose Bennett. Isa is a native of Brazil, her background is captivating, she has lived many lives. From being a photojournalist, a mother, and stylist. She is going back to her first love which is the plant kingdom. As an herbalist, her extensive knowledge has taken her to work with Susan Weed, attended conferences held by Rosemary Gladstar, as well as Matthew Wood and Margi Flint, a potpourri of elite herbalist in the U.S.A. Isa grew up in Minas Gerais Brazil, on a self sustained farm owned by her family. She grew up on home remedies, learning about the cycles of regeneration and decomposition of the land. A childhood memory was sparked while remembering her mother, an intimate moment that she had forgotten, suddenly flashed into her head. Isa and her mother were cooking, Isa’s mother grabbed her young hand and placed butter in one palm, and sugar in the other palm, and told her to rub them together, and see how her skin felt. To Isa’s surprise her hands felt soft and rejuvenated, her mother then told her that the next time she went to the beach to rub an avocado and sand on her feet. Since that moment Isa has been experimenting with papaya, avocado, and other tropical fruits of Brazil. Her fascination with plants begun at an early stage of her life.