Artist Imran Qureshi born in Pakistan, was commissioned a large scale installation on the roof top of the Metropolitan Museum in New York. The 8,000-square-foot terrace is splattered with red paint. The poetic nuance of this majestic piece, is the blossoming of flowers, leaves, bird feathers and angels wings intertwined in blood stains. At first you feel sadden, fearing to step in to it, as you get closer you realize there is life inside each stain, delicate symbols of hope and innocence. You are transported into a sea of beauty, everything comes alive with each stroke. A truly profound experience, to be experienced. “From death grows life; from horror comes transcendence; hope emerges from despair”. The titled of this piece is called  “And How Many Rains Must Fall before the Stains Are Washed Clean”
“Three years ago Qureshi began to use red acrylic in his installations in response to brutal bombings in Lahore. While many of the world’s citizens have become accustomed to almost daily attacks on their streets, such cruelty striking so close to home provoked a deep response in his work. “Yes, these forms stem from the effects of violence,” he said of his visceral blooms of paint. “They are mingled with the color of blood, but, at the same time, this is where a dialogue with life, with new beginnings and fresh hope starts.” Given the devastating recent events in Boston, Qureshi’s theme of tragedy giving rise to a blossoming of new growth is all the more poignant as a message of recovery and regeneration.” Source Metropolitan Museum