Fulfillment of one’s dreams and hopes, a time for powerful breakthroughs. The journey that began with struggles and breakdowns, is now complete with expansion and freedom. The universe’s energy can be accessed and used for your personal growth. Act with bravery and confidence that what you have worked for is here. It’s the end of a long journey. A time for completion, and accomplishment. Enjoy the fruits of your labors, the success and attainment. Your hard work, devotion and faith has led you to a place of total surrender. A sense of fulfillment and satisfaction will permeate your subconsciousness. We are giving birth to a new form of being and thinking. The sum of all things are coming together to work for the same cause. A celebration that our goals have been attained. Deep connection with family, friends and community. Enjoy this moment for you have worked hard for it. You have found the love you have searched for. Walk in beauty and illumination, as the veils are open at this moment for deep contemplation, attaining graceful encounters of the spirit world. Cathartic changes are taking place, shifting our realities, placing us in our authentic path. All is in divine order, we need to trust that the universe is guiding us towards our destiny. A phase of restructuring is needed, in order to jump into the unknown with confidence and an open heart. Stagnant energy will be awakened and activated, use this time to be daring, as you explore a sense of excitement and renewed life force in motion. This month’s blue moon is also Lunar Lammas (a celebratory time of summer’s bounty, the harvesting of the first grains and the waning light of the summer sun) and is occurring in Aquarius. The full moon occurs on the same day that Venus, the planet that governs intimacy, connection, relationships and creativity, moves back into Leo. The fixed fire sign Leo, governs the heart and demonstrative acts of love and creative self-expression. Leo’s passion is in direct opposition, responding to, Aquarius’s restrained rationalism. Leo lives enthusiastically, loving boldly, illuminating life with a pure flame of dignity. Use this lunar cycle to witness your role within the collective, within your tribe. The Venus retrograde cycle will reflect on and work with the recurring issues that come up in your relationships. The full moon in Aquarius asks us what our vision is for humanity and how we will move forward as a group towards it. This Blue Moon falls on July 31st in the sign of Aquarius and will follow the cycle that was started earlier in the month on the July 1st Capricorn Full Moon. Remember, Full Moon’s represent completion or endings, so this month we will all be given two opportunities to bring things to a close or resolution. With two key planets moving retrograde this month- Venus and Uranus and Saturn continuing his retrograde through Scorpio, there is a lot of backwards energy that needs to be cleared in order for all of us to be able to move forward. Venus will be asking us to do this in matters pertaining to love and money and Uranus will be helping us to change our self-limiting beliefs and boundaries to provide us with a new sense of freedom. Uranus is all about change, encouraging us to sort through the things in our lives that are holding us back and preventing us from living up to our truest potential. Saturn will ensure that we make all of our new decisions and changes with responsibility and respect to what we have all learnt from our past experiences. Saturn in Scorpio, calls for deep-level emotional healing. Saturn in Scorpio calls for shedding whatever is inauthentic, out of alignment with who we are now. The major Saturn in Scorpio lesson is surrender. The blue moon will be acting as a road opener allowing us to review and assess what we need to change in our lives. Aquarius is gifted in seeing the big picture, tuning into the future, and identifying what’s best for the community. Allowing us to get more serious, disciplined and focused about bringing our vision into reality. Clarifying and implementing the support system we need to manifest our creative vision. As we surrender the need for approval and outside validation for expressing our true self. We are getting down to our core issues.

“With realization of one’s own potential and self-confidence in one’s ability, one can build a better world.”
Dalai Lama