Tu Duc’s tomb is located in the valley of Duong Xuan Thuong village, 30 minutes from Hue, the complex is this most beautiful testimony of Nguyen architecture, it lies in a boundless pine forest. This picturesque mausoleum is a work of art. Tu Duc, was considered the ‘poet Emperor’, the grounds inhabit an elegant garden with a magnificent lake and pavilion complex. The centerpiece of the tomb is very simple, despite the lavish opulence of his reign. Emperor Tu Duc enjoyed the longest reign of any monarch of the Nguyen dynasty, ruling from 1848-83. He had over hundreds of wives and concubines, but was unable to father a son. Thus, it fell to him to write his own epitaph on the deeds of his reign. Tu Duc began planning his tomb long before his death in 1883. He continued to use the tomb’s palace buildings as his place of residence. Despite the grandeur of the site and the amount of time Tu Duc spent here, he was actually buried in a different, secret location somewhere in Hue. To keep the secret safe the 200 laborers who buried the king were all beheaded after they returned from the secret route. To this day, the real tomb of Tu Duc remains hidden for future generations to discover.

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