Waking up in Hue Vietnam to the mysterious wet fog. A silent pause grabbed me and danced around my heart, creating a hazy white blanket enveloping the sky. A serene light transported the fisherman’s boat into the myst of dreams. For a moment I was transported back in time, as the song of a herons stroked across the gentle waters, flickering in the air, whispers of peacefulness. Lying under the gleam of soft light, a tender moment of tranquility embraced my reality. Awakening from the dream state, the fog of mystery held a sweet song of beauty, wet tears descended my cheek, feeling blessed for the ancient love song that this panorama inspired.
Evening Breeze

When the wind wrapped me in its limber arms,
I felt my heart swelling with impassioned love.
For meseemed its sweet music full of charms
And melodies did my tender soul move.
My sweet! Deep in my heart I always wish
To be with you at dusk and hear the breeze
Sing its love song soulful and feverish
To drown us in love’s deep and lustful seas.
By Vietnamese poet Huy Thông

©Chloe Garcia Ponce – All Rights Reserved