Deepening our awareness, this new moon in Libra will force us to face the unbalanced aspects of our lives, and take full responsibility for our actions. Activating the Venus/Saturn square, testing our relationships and financial situations. Venus directs a harmonious life energy from our hearts into the world, attending the flow of love. Saturn illuminates clearly what is authentic in our lives, what needs to be shifted and transformed. Teaching us to honor each moment for itself. The task master activates our goals, allowing us to work strongly and steady towards achieving what we set out to do. A powerful time to make changes, a new cycle is being offered to us. Take the time to set a profound intention, as you center your core. Libra craves balanced beauty, heighten aesthetics, they feed their soul with fairness and kindness. It is never to late to be what we might have been. The energy of this new moon reminds us never to lose our way, to awaken our spirit and visions. A time to clarify our internal goals and use them as guideposts when opportunities and challenges arise. The eclipse cycle reviewed our intentions furthering our spiritual progress, energizing our transformation. Allow this new cycle to feel and empathize with those around us, as we awaken our intuition and emotional bodies. Let us speak in the tongue of grace, in which all vibrations are one eternal song. Breath in light, feel the density of time, allow infinity to wrap your soul, listen to the sound of silence create everything that has been lost. Feel the mystery and magic of darkness, embrace the changes in you.
“The mantra “Har Har Waheguru”, can restore the balance between the earth and ether elements and bring us back into balance. “Har” is a name for God which represents the Creative aspect of Infinity. “Waheguru” is an expression of the experience of ecstasy of Infinite Wisdom. Har has a very grounding vibration and Waheguru is expansive. Combining these two powerful words in this way balances the energies within us to create the experience of coming back into alignment with ourselves; we are at once here in the human world and also spiritual beings that exist beyond time and space. Remembering this, feeling it within our hearts, and vibrating it by chanting mantra helps us not only to balance ourselves but to let all that which does not support our highest being and ultimate truth to fall away.” Spirit Voyage

Lavender will lift your spirit, helping you to keep calm and balanced.

Lavender ( Lavandula angustifolias ) is generally used in two forms, as an herb and as an essential oil. In herbal form, it is ground up and made into tea. Lavender allows spiritual healing, promotes tranquility and calmness, easing tension, releasing energy blockages and purifies the aura, opening doors to our higher consciousness.
For the mind: Relieves stress, anxiety, depression and insomnia
For the skin: Relieves burns and inflammation
For the body: Relieves headache, muscle ache, joint pain, circulation, shingles and respiratory problems
PART USED: flowers and to a lesser extent the leaves
PLANET: Mercury
TASTE: pungent
WARMTH: cooling
MERIDIANS: Heart, Pericardium, Liver, Lung, and Large Intestine

Photograph : Into the Moonlight, by Philip McKay