My first doorway into Egypt’s complex nature, was experienced at Saqqara. Unveiling the stories of the past, allowing this country to mystify me with its rich culture, traditions, and history.

Saqqara was founded as the burial city, for the Old Kingdom capital, Memphis, dating from the 1st dynasty 3100 B.C. Only 15 miles from Cairo, in the vast desert you will discover the very first pyramid.
The Step Pyramid was built for king Djoser, by Imhotep, who was both a high priest and the world’s first big architecture. This Pyramid was built in 2667 to 2648 B.C.

The City A Wrecked Ship:
I feel I am alone tonight;
and the city, with its ghosts and tall
buildings, is a wrecked ship
the pirates looted long ago
and sent to the ocean’s bottom.
At that time the captain leaned his head
against the railing. Beneath his feet
lay a broken wine bottle, shards
of a precious metal. And the sailors
clung to the silent masts,
and through their ragged clothes
swam sad fish of memory.
Silent daggers, growing moss, baskets
of dead cats… Nothing pulses
in this acquiescent world.
Egyptian Poet Amal Dunqul, 1940