Uayamon means “the place where witches and warlocks came down” in Mayan. Back in the 16th century, Uayamon was already known as a cattle ranch. It was ravaged by English pirates. In the 19th century, the hacienda became one of the largest Campeche estates. Where the main economic activity was cattle, sugar cane, growing corn and the production of henequen. The property includes the main house, the chapel, the charity hospital, a cemetery, a school, irrigation systems, workshops, the engine room, and the hacienda’s own railroad. Across the main house you can see a huge ceiba tree. It is more than one hundred years old. The ceiba is a sacred mayan tree, believed to house their ancestors, representing heaven, the earth and the underworld. Under this grand tree markets and gatherings were set up, marking prosperity and well being for the community. The Mayas believed a huge ceiba tree crossed the celestial planes and God lived there. When staying in this beautiful Hacienda you are transported into a colonial era, in the heart of the jungle, a powerful and magnetic property.